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Thursday, 18 July 2013

A guide for those taking the first steps towards a new website

We have created a Website Guide to help with making decisions about the look and content of your website and what you may need to consider.
Here, at The Sketch Collective Design Studio many of our customers have made the decision that a web presence is what their business needs. They have checked their local competitors’ sites and are looking to achieve the same and, more often than not, more! They are geared up and enthused to want a website this very minute! And that is great! Or is it? We say... slow down, take your time to understand the process and make the right choices - the outcome will be far more effective and much more beneficial to you and your business. The Sketch Collective Website Guide will help you do this.

We recognise that the website industry has lots of jargon and 'techy talk', and that can feel scary to most people, including the business owner who uses websites every day. Not only does the IT and web industry confuse and change on a daily basis, there are also many costs that are unforeseen at the initial outset, and if you are unaware of the jargon used, it can quickly lead to some surprising bills. We want to change this scary perception of the website world. Here, at The Sketch Collective, we can dispel that 'scary world' that some imagine. We have purposely put ourselves out there in the public eye with our large "fish bowl" window right on the high street! We are seen by every passer-by and all those who sit and wait in their cars at the traffic lights outside our window, it is our way of saying, to the small market town of Ledbury, (where we are located), that we are here to support and provide services that can help move businesses straight into the modern age, and for you to feel safe in the knowledge that we are on hand to provide advice and technical support whenever you may need it.

We work with many large local clients and provide a level of technical support that cannot always be achieved with in-house IT/marketing departments. Many of our clients have felt frustrated with their previous web service providers, either feeling that their issues or queries have been ignored or have not been resolved swiftly enough. We find that with our public presence, and having a 'face to face' customer experience, it is easier for our clients to pop in or phone up and resolve issues and put plans in place to avoid future web problems. These customers no longer spend time waiting for their phone calls to be answered and then be passed on between different departments, they have a convenient, reliable and friendly local service - a one stop shop for web design and all that goes with it. From web hosting, domain names, graphic design & promotional marketing, social media design and advice, newsletter HTML design & coding, and a brilliant photography service, give your website the wow factor!

Our Website Guide is useful for new customers as it takes you through a step by step process of things you will need to know when considering a website. It explains the jargon in 'plain English', making you aware of decisions you will need to make, and understand the processes involved in creating a website that works for you and the way you work - not an off the shelf web template site that leaves you wishing you had never entered into the website world.

This guide will help you consider your options and plan your website journey with us. Download The SketchCollective Website Guide here.
For more information on The Sketch Collective and all our services, please visit

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