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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Make your website iPhone friendly.

In this day and age technological trends seem to come and go. The mini disc lasted but a second before being replace by the CD which is now being slowly replaced by the digital downloads. One trend that does not seem to be disappearing is the iPod and iPhone. More and more people are buying into the Apple web.

Not only can the iPhone make calls, store your music, store applications it can also browse the web. People are logging on to the internet with their iPhones and iPods. In fact it is predicted that within five years internet usage on smartphones will rival that of desktop PCs.

With the iPhone an easy and convenient way to find the nearest restaurant, nearest bakery, nearest cinema etc whilst on the go you need to make sure your business is creating an accessible and easy to use iPhone version of your website.

If you come to us for a website we can offer you a full iPhone version of your site to reach those customers that would otherwise go down the road to your competition.