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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Getting behind big ideas...

A London based company caught my eye the other day, a creative marketing consultancy firm that get behind and help those people with Big Ideas that can transform companies and create opportunities.

Launching the 'Ideas Awards' has meant anyone with an idea can post them to the blog and get them heard. My girlfriend's family are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas such as 'City Sheds' - cupboard sized sheds to store anything from tools to recycling for those who haven't got space in the garden to put up a full sized shed. Perhaps then this could be the outlet for these ideas, get them heard and get recognized for the potential genius within.

I salute this company for getting people talking about their ideas. Who knows perhaps that idea you had but never shared could lead to big things so get posting on their blog and see what comes of it. You could be the next John Harrington (Inventor of the Toilet)!


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

John Nash Interiors and Antiques

One of our most recent client's new website is now online today. John Nash Interiors and Antiques in Ledbury provides customers with bespoke interior and furniture design alongside their renowned & firmly established antiques showroom.

Business partners John Nash and Louis Calleja wanted all the works that The Sketch Collective have to offer from stunning photography to show of the vast collection of antiques and products to a full re-design of their website.

The design brief was to create a very user friendly, eye catching and professional website. It had to show every part of the business and case histories of their most recent projects in a stylish and modern way. Working closely with John and Louis, the Sketch Team have created a website to the exact requirements set out.

To view the website Please Click Here.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Thom Williams - Wedding Photographer

Check out the new wedding photographer in Ledbury, Herefordshire